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The Bay Area Consortium for the History of Ideas in America (BACHIA) draws together a diverse group of scholars for workshops, talks, and informal salons.

We are professors, graduate students, and independent scholars, with expertise in classical civilization, political thought, computer culture, libertarianism, modernization theory, and more. We have published on everything from the history of Grecian gowns to Burning Man.  BACHIA is based in the Stanford history department but hosts events throughout the Bay Area.  To learn more about upcoming events, contact Alastair Su

BACHIA Members

Alastair Su

Ph.D. Candidate in History, Stanford University

Jonathan Gienapp

Assistant Professor of History, Stanford University

Nils Gilman

Vice President of Programs, Berggruen Institute

Anthony Gregory

Ph.D Candidate, UC Berkeley

David Hollinger

Preston Hotchkis Professor Emeritus, Professor Graduate School , University of California, Berkeley

Natalie Johnson

Ph.D. Candidate in History , Stanford University

Kathryn Lum

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University

Matthew Specter

Lecturer, UC Berkeley

Fred Turner

Harry and Norman Chandler Professor, Department of Communication, Stanford University
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